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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to care ​for my window blinds?

For optimal care of your window blinds, we suggest you to dry dust your blinds on a regular basis to remove built up dirt and grime. For a deep clean, we suggest you to dust and vacuum regularly, and effectively deep clean your blinds without damaging them.

If they are not the right window blinds, can I return them?

Yes, If any incorrect window blinds were delivered, we will resend the correct window blinds, and re-install it with the contracted product.

What happens if my window blinds break?

Every window blind we install comes with three year warranties. Each blind is covered by a 3-year product warranty for the quality, a one-year string warranty for the durability of the string, and a one-year installation warranty for a correct fit. If your window blind breakage is covered by one of these three warranties, we will help to replace your blinds.

What is the difference between blinds and shades?

Blinds and shades each provide a different look and ambiance to a room. Blinds offer vertical or horizontal option in a variety of materials from wool to vinyl. Because they area hard window treatment, blinds offer better light control and privacy versus shades, which are a soft window treatment. Shades come in an array of colors, fabrics and designs. They provide natural lighting for your room and offer an additional design element to tie in with your room’s décor.

How long does it take to install my window blinds?

From your time of purchase and depending on your availability, the entire process of ordering, measuring, adjusting, and installing usually takes around two or three weeks. The installation itself typically takes a few hours depending on how many windows you have in your home.

Do you do fitting for unusual window sizes?

Our specialists measure your windows, so your window blinds fit perfectly. If you have an unusual sized window, your blind selection or functionality may be limited, however we handle unusual windows on a case-by-case basis.

How do you select the right window treatment for me?

Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the choices available and ask the right questions, to help you create a personalized and distinctive look that fits your lifestyle, your functional needs and your budget.

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